College consultants Karen Schmalz and Jeanmarie Wilson are available to assist you with the college application process. They are professional, qualified and knowledgeable high school counselors employed in competitive Long Island, NY public school districts with many years of experience. They both earned a Master's degree in School Counseling from leading Long Island, NY universities as well as Permanent NYS Certification in School Counseling.

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Do you need help understanding the college selection and application process?

At Your Journey To College, we believe that the college process can cause unnecessary stress for students and parents. When attention is paid to our checklist and timeline, the process proceeds smoothly and deadlines are met with ease. Careful consideration of the factors that are important to students combined with focused research leads to a multitude of desirable options.

It is exciting to see the process unfold and gratifying to see students receive acceptances to colleges they are happy to attend!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information available?

We can demystify the process for you and explain the course of action necessary for your child to have a successful college application experience.

Would you like assistance in helping your child meet the various college and scholarship application deadlines?

Let us provide information that will assist your child to achieve their future goals and select a college that is the right fit for them!