Frequently Asked Questions:

How can Your Journey to College consulting services help my child?

Our services provide students with personalized college counseling through each step of the college application process. Our knowledgeable and professional consultants assist students and parents to thoroughly understand the college search and application procedures. We will research colleges for your child and provide a list of schools that are a “match”. We assist with editing an impressive essay and comprehensive activity resume, registration for SAT/ACT exams, applications for scholarships, interview preparation and much more. We have a team of certified English teachers who will provide direction and assistance for essay writing. We take the confusion and stress out of the application process and provide an individualized program for each student so that they feel comfortable and confident with the entire college application process. 

What makes Your Journey to College different from other college admissions services? Why pay for a private college consultant?

Our college consultants are certified and trained high school guidance counselors with 35 years of experience combined and they work with students of all ability levels and talents to maximize options. Each year the college consultants meet with hundreds of college admission representatives across the country. Your Journey to College consultants have the knowledge and insight in regard to what college admission representatives are looking for in an application and in a candidate. Our team is focused and dedicated to help them find the school that is the right fit. We assist in showcasing their personality, talents, strengths, and interests while creating a “stand apart” college application. Our services prove to be a worthwhile investment when your child finds the college that is the best match for their preferences and goals.

Do you only work with students who have an A average and are looking to apply to an Ivy League school?

Not at all. Our college consultants work with students of all academic abilities and talents. 

When it comes to application deadlines and timelines, how flexible are your personalized consultants when it comes to scheduling meetings and phone sessions?

Your personalized college consultant maintains a flexible schedule as they work full-time to better assist students and parents with their busy schedules. We offer day, evening and weekend hours.

What is the role of the parent in the college application process?

Our approach is to have the student become as independent as they can be throughout this process. This will help to prepare them for the level of independence they will need to be successful on the college campus. The majority of meetings and contact time will take place with the student and the college consultant.  We understand that this process involves a number of family decisions and we are always available to address any questions or concerns from parents via telephone sessions, email correspondence, Skype and in person.

Can you guarantee admission into a specific college or university?

Although there is no guarantee that a student will get into a specific college, we work with each student individually to highlight their talents, strengths, and accomplishments (extra-curricular activities, volunteer service, athletic skills, artistic talents, leadership abilities, etc.).  We will work together to highlight their personalized resume in a manner that will demonstrate the student is a candidate worthy of consideration. We work with students to complete a well-written essay that showcases the student's strengths and talents. This outstanding essay may shed favorable light on a student with average credentials. We will also work with families to develop a list of schools that include safety and match schools; schools where a student could reasonably expect to be accepted.

When is the right time to schedule an appointment with a private college consultant?

Our college consultants work with students throughout their high school years.  We start as early as ninth grade, which enables the student and their family to plan efficiently and effectively.  We work closely with families who utilize our services during the child's junior year throughout the senior year to facilitate a smooth and timely college application process.

My child has a very busy schedule outside of school and is not organized.  How can your consultants assist in keeping my child on track and aware of deadlines?

Your consultant will create an individualized plan of action with step-by-step guidelines and a checklist to ensure that the student is meeting all of the deadlines. The consultant will follow up with continued communication and meetings throughout the process that allows for manageable assignments to accommodate busy schedules. This will guarantee that the process is completed in a timely manner to meet all deadlines.

What if we don’t live on Long Island, NY  but would like to hire Your Journey to College consulting services?

We are available to work with students across the country. Our consultants are available by phone, email, and Skype.

How do I get started?

Please email us or complete our contact form to receive more information about our services.

Thank you for your interest in Your Journey to College!